Zimfest 2013

June 27-30 — Pacific Lutheran University — Tacoma, WA

Welcome Volunteers!

      Zimfest is a music festival created by the people who love Zimbabwean music. Starting in the early 1990’s, this festival has grown and thrived through the energy of people who gift with their heads, hands and hearts. From design of the festival guide, to creating the invitation for workshop teachers and performers to the essential aspect of attendees gifting 2 hour shifts to support the running of the festival itself, we the people work with our not for profit Zimfest Board to plan, organize and run this whole festival! This is a really great thing we think, and you are warmly invited to be part of the festival in this way. In fact we need you to be!

There are many choices for all kinds of people:

- The registration center: training and help are there with you the whole time. Registration deskSome people will have registered and paid online already, and some will come to register onsite and pay once that is done. People will also be buying concert tickets.

- Concert front of house: being at the door to welcome, take tickets, sell tickets and stamp hands. - Afternoon Stage: supporting the musicians, helping with set-up. Daystage dancers

  • Evening Stage: supporting the musicians, helping with set-up.

  • Marketplace: selling festival t-shirts, posters and music. Marketplace

  • Workshops: opening the room, attendance and feedback forms.

  • Instrument movers: setting up marimba workshops, getting marimbas to and from the afternoon and evening stages, moving marimbas at the end of the festival.

We have a detailed volunteer sign-up to accept your choice of assignment. The gift of your help at the festival is essential, and also allows you to be a participant of the festival, rather than an attendee. This is a wonderful difference as you meet musicians, guest Zimbabweans, and folks from all over our wonderful global community.

Volunteer Tasks

There are many ways you can help make Zimfest successful through volunteering


Please contact the Zimfest 2013 Volunteer Coordinator at