Zimfest 2013

June 27-30 — Pacific Lutheran University — Tacoma, WA

Marian Grebanier

First heard Zimbabwean music when hearing Shumba play at the Oregon Country Fair 1982 and, like so many others, got completely caught. With the help of Dumi, started the Boka Marimba project in 1986, the same year I fell in love with the traditional mbira music upon hearing Ephat Mujuru perform. In 1991 acquired a Chris Mhlanga mbira and for a few years had only a few lessons I could catch with Erica Azim, Chris Berry and Claire Jones. In the fall of 1994, since all my children had left home, I moved to Berkeley to study with Erica. Returning to Portland in 1997, I continued my studies over the years, here in the USA and for 6 months in Zimbabwe. My teachers have included, among others , Cosmas Magaya, Luken Pasipimare, Tute, Irene and Garadziva Chigamba, Cosmas Magaya, Musekiwa Chingodza, Fradreck Mujuru, and Patience Chaitezvi, Friday Chamunorwa , Claire Jones and Nathan Beck. Nathan and I formed Njuzu Mbira in 1998 and have been playing together ever since, to my great good fortune. The music keeps opening up, deeper and deeper.

Name Sessions Enrollment
Intensive: Chawasarira
Mbira: Teens, Adults; Advanced Beginner
Session 3 (Fri 3:30 PM), Session 6 (Sat 3:30 PM) 3/10 students
Taireva Gore Kore
Mbira: Teens, Adults; Intermediate
Session 2 (Fri 1:00 PM) 3/10 students
Marian Grebanier