Zimfest 2013

June 27-30 — Pacific Lutheran University — Tacoma, WA

Jesse Garcia

Jesse Garcia started playing marimba in 1996 (at age 11) and teaching in 1999 (at age 14). He directed, co-directed, performed, and toured with New Mexico based Andé Marimba Band for many years. Now, he continues to pursue and refine techniques to more easily introduce music and rhythm into the lives of others. In addition to growing up playing marimba, Jesse studied classical piano, flute, and cello. This blending of two different worlds at a young age gives Jesse a unique attitude towards marimba. He also started playing guitar with the influences and instruction of his father, Peter Swing, Zivanai Masango, and Pete Huttlinger, and has performed on guitar in styles ranging from Afro Pop to Latin. Marimba is his passion, however, and he loves nothing more than to spend several hours losing himself in new ideas.

Name Sessions Enrollment
Zuva - A Day Yet to Come
Marimba: Any age; Introductory/Beginner
Session 4 (Sat 9:30 AM) 7/8 students
Jesse Garcia