Zimfest 2013

June 27-30 — Pacific Lutheran University — Tacoma, WA

Zimfest 2012 Teachers

Alphabetical by last name.

Ric Alviso (more)

Ric Alviso has played mbira and marimba for 20 years. He studied in ZImbabwe in 1998 with Ephat Mujuru, Chris Mhlanga, Forward Kwenda, Beauler Dyoko, Lucan Pasapamire, Sekuru Gora, and the Chigambas. In 2000 he founded Masanga Marimba and has been their primary director and arranger. He has a BM in music composition and a Master's a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from UCLA with a focus on African music. He is Professor of World ...

Ric Alviso

Erica Azim (more)

Erica Azim was honored to become one of the first Americans invited to study mbira in Zimbabwe in the early 1970s. Since then she has studied and performed with many of Zimbabwe's top mbira masters at venues ranging from Zimbabwean village eremonies to the Kennedy Center inWashington, D.C., the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, and many universities. Erica has recorded three solo CDs and collaborated on nine others. She currently teaches regional mbira ...

Erica Azim

Jaiaen Beck (more)

Jaiaen Beck was introduced to Zimbabwean music by Dr. Abraham Dumisani Maraire, and since 1990 she has worked with many teachers studying Shona music, cosmology, and healing traditions. She has taught traditional, contemporary, and original marimba and mbira pieces to people of all ages and has included valuable information about the cultural background. In 1993 she began AncientWays, a charitable nonprofit organization intended to preserve traditional ways of indigenous people. As cofounder of Nhimbe for ...

Jaiaen Beck

Nathan Beck (more)

After Nathan Beck graduated from college and joined Boka Marimba in Portland, Oregon, he was taken by the sounds of Zimbabwean music and subsequently spent 18 months traveling and learning the mbira tradition in Zimbabwe. Some of his teachers include Tute Chigamba, Garadziva Chigamba, Garikayi Tirikoti,Wiri Chigonga, Cosmas Magaya, Musekiwa Chingodza, and Forward Kwenda. Nathan is still playing with Boka Marimba and has added Njuzu Mbira and LovenessWesa & the Bantus to his list of ...

Nathan Beck

Kurai Blessing Mubaiwa (more)

Kurai Blessing Mubaiwa was born in 1976 in the village of Mutimbanyoka, in Murewa district, Zimbabwe. As a young child he began playing mbira and had exceptional interest for someone only six years old. This keen learner watched while his father, uncles, and other village elders played mbira in traditional ceremonies, and soon he began singing, dancing, playing mbira and drums in ceremonies and other village gatherings. In 1994 Kurai moved to Harare and joined ...

Kurai Blessing Mubaiwa

Daniel Lockley and Jeff Brahe (more)

Jeff and Daniel started playing marimba on the very same day over 15 years ago with their first teacher, Stephen Golovnin. Since then, they have stuck with marimba and stuck with each other, taking classes together with the same teachers, going to the same camps and festivals, and ultimately becoming important members of the Andé Marimba Band. After years of learning, Jeff and Daniel were ready to give back and began an exciting career as ...

Daniel Lockley and Jeff Brahe

Jeff Brahe (more)

Jeff Brahe is of the rare breed of musician that grew up in the USA, yet has played Shona music since childhood. Originally hailing from Santa Fe, NM, he came to Tacoma for college in 2006 and has lived in the Northwest ever since. A leading member of The Andé Marimba Band, he has performed and toured nationally, and has been truly humbled to work with many outstanding musicians from the US and Africa. His ...

Jeff Brahe

Ashley Crutchfield (more)

Ashley first heard Ambuya Beauler Dyoko sing at a concert in Boulder in 1999 and was blown away! She has been learning Beaular's singing to standard mbira tunes ever since. She has studied mbira with Cosmas Magaya and marimba with Randy McIntosh. She teaches marimba and singing @ Kutandara Center in Boulder. She enjoys singing the songs of other Zimbabwean female master mbira/vocalists such as Stella Chiweshe, Benita Tarupiwa and Chiwaniso.

She has performed ...

Ashley Crutchfield

Jesse Garcia (more)

Jesse Garcia started playing marimba in 1996 (at age 11) and teaching in 1999 (at age 14). He directed, co-directed, performed, and toured with New Mexico based Andé Marimba Band for many years. Now, he continues to pursue and refine techniques to more easily introduce music and rhythm into the lives of others. In addition to growing up playing marimba, Jesse studied classical piano, flute, and cello. This blending of two different worlds at a ...

Jesse Garcia

Kite Giedraitis (more)

Kite Giedraitis has been playing Shona music since 1987 and began teaching in Portland, Oregon, in 1989. He was an original member of Boka Marimba and played with them for three years before traveling for a year in Zimbabwe and three months in Ghana. Kite currently plays with Fools In Paradise, which he founded in 2001. He has taught elementary and middle school students and now focuses on adult marimba instruction. At least 16 bands ...

Kite Giedraitis

Marian Grebanier (more)

First heard Zimbabwean music when hearing Shumba play at the Oregon Country Fair 1982 and, like so many others, got completely caught. With the help of Dumi, started the Boka Marimba project in 1986, the same year I fell in love with the traditional mbira music upon hearing Ephat Mujuru perform. In 1991 acquired a Chris Mhlanga mbira and for a few years had only a few lessons I could catch with Erica Azim, Chris ...

Marian Grebanier

Matthew Jenkins (more)

Matthew Jenkins is a music education specialist at Kings Mills Elementary School in the Kings Local School District, Kings Mills, Ohio. In addition to his regular teaching responsibilities, Matt directs two after school Zimbabwean style marimba ensembles. The Kings Mills Elementary Marimba Ensemble, a non-auditioned ensemble open to fourth graders of Kings Mills Elementary School, and the Kokorodza Marimba Ensemble, an auditioned group open to students in grades 5 and 6 at Columbia Intermediate School ...

Matthew Jenkins

Claire Jones (more)

Claire Jones has been involved with Zimbabwean music since 1976 when she first fell in love with the marimbas and started studying with the late Dumisani Maraire. She performed for several years with Dumi and the Maraire Marimba Ensemble both in the U.S. and in Zimbabwe, and was a founding member of the Seattle marimba groups Kutamba and Musango. While living in Zimbabwe from 1985 to 1990 she played mbira with Mhuri Yekwa Muchena ...

Claire Jones

MyLinda King (more)

MyLinda played with Boka Marimba for ten years, starting in 1989. During that time she studied with Dumi Maraire, Ephat Mujuru, MaiChi Nemarundwe and Chris Berry. She also played keyboards in the band, Kubatana, with MaiChi in 1992-93. In 1995 she began teaching marimba in her home studio and soon after that began teaching children in various Portland schools. In 2009 and 2010 she brought all the school groups together, Zimfest-style, for a one day ...

MyLinda King

Joel Laviolette (more)

Joel Laviolette has played mbira dzaVaDzimu for 19 years. He first went to Zimbabwe in 1998 after traveling the US and Canada to learn from everyone he could. He went again in 1999-2001 and lived and studied with Newton Gwara where they formed a band and toured Zimbabwe regularly. There, he also formed Mhumhi Records-a non-profit record label dedicated to preserving the music of the more rare types of Zimbabwean music. He now lives in ...

Joel Laviolette

Daniel Lockley (more)

Daniel Lockley has been playing Zimbabwean marimba and mbira music since he was ten years old. By 2005, he was on the road playing both marimba and bass guitar with Jaka Marimba, performing throughout the Southwest and West Coast with respected Zimbabwean musicians such as David Gweshe and the revolutionary “Queen of Mbira,” Stella Chiweshe. Since then, Daniel has been performing with the Andé Marimba Band, sharing the stage with the likes of Bo Diddley ...

Daniel Lockley

Jacob Mafuleni (more)

Jacob Mafuleni, a member of Mbira dzeMuninga, is a multitalented musician who is equally as adept at ngoma,marimba, dance, and guitar as he is with mbira. He is highly sought after as a musician in Zimbabwe, performing with the renowned Chiwoniso Maraire and Vibe Culture, as well as his own band Sweet Calabash. Jacob was previously a member of Mawungira Enharira.

Jacob Mafuleni

Cosmas Magaya (more)

Cosmas Magaya is an internationally recognized master of the mbira dzaVadzimu. As a performer, mbira teacher and leader of the mbira ensemble, Mhuri yekwaMagaya, he has gained international acclaim for his extraordinary talent as a musician and teacher in the Zimbabwean music traditions.

As a performer, he has completed several international tours with mbira ensembles Mhuri yekwa Rwizi and Zimbabwe Group Leaders Mbira Ensemble, including two in Europe and two in the United States. His ...

Cosmas Magaya

Memory Makuri (more)

Memory Makuri is a Zimbabwean dancer, singer, and hosho player. Memory began her performing career at the age of ten as a member of traditional dance groups at primary level. Upon leaving school, she joined the music scene as a back-up singer and dancer for the legendary Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited. Since coming to Canada, Memory co-founded a band called Masaisai which is now called Nhapitapi Mbira, in which she sings, dances and ...

Memory Makuri

Jona Masiya (more)

Jona Masiya holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Africa University and a Master of Music Education from Shenandoah University, Winchester VA. He is currently studying for an Ethnomusicology PhD. Jona is a distinguished teacher and player of the Djembe, Ngoma and Mbira. He taught Mbira, Marimba and Music theory in Zimbabwean high schools and at Masvingo Teachers' college. Jona taught World Music and led an African Ensemble at Shenandoah University, and now performs ...

Jona Masiya

Paul Mataruse (more)

Paul Mataruse was born and grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe, where he played marimba with his twin brother Peter and their friends in the neighborhood. He has taught marimba since 1992 and is currently musical director for Ruzivo. Paul is currently doing several collaborations with Zimbabwean musicians in Harare, with the goal of publishing new examples of fusing Zimbabwean and North-American Zimbabwean-inspired music featuring marimba, mbira, guitars and Zimbabwean vocalists.

Paul Mataruse

Eric Miller (more)

Eric Miller became interested in Zimbabwean Music when he moved to Portland, Oregon in 1996 and first heard Boka Marimba. At first, he would just dance away the night but after a year, he auditioned and started playing in the band. In Boka, he met Nathan Beck who introduced him to the mbira, and Marian Grebanier, who gave him a solid foundation in the traditional Shona mbira repertoire. Julia Chigamba, a Zimbabwean singer and dancer ...

Eric Miller

Lucky Moyo (more)

Lucky is an arts practitioner, arts lobbyist, event manager, producer, director, singer, songwriter, voice coach and workshop leader. In the past 18 years, Lucky has visited 30 countries and performed for audiences of all sizes. He has shared stages with many mainstream artists and has performed for dignitaries such as Nelson Mandela and Queen Elizabeth II. He has appeared on television programs including Blue Peter and City TV-Toronto and has performed in venues including the ...

Lucky Moyo

Evelyn Mukwedeya (more)

Evelyn Mukwedeya is a talented Zimbabwean mbira musician, singer/songwriter and teacher based in Toronto, Canada. From a young age, Evelyn pursued studies in classical piano, clarinet and music theory at the Mutare School of Music, in her home city of Mutare. With the encouragement and support of her mother, she added mbira dzevadzimu (mbira of the ancestors) to her musical studies when traditional Zimbabwean instruments were introduced to the school in 2003. After relocating ...

Evelyn Mukwedeya

Will Piepenbrink (more)

I am a 23 year-old volunteer firefighter. I've been playing Zimbabwean marimba and mbira for nearly 7 years and have had the honor to learn from numerous Zimbabwean artists. My passions namely include the mbira dzavadzimu and hosho. I am drawn towards teaching, I love watching people take hold of new concepts and techniques and the relationship that develops between a student and their mentor. I look forward to my first experience teaching at ...

Will Piepenbrink

Moyo Rainos Mutamba (more)

Moyo Rainos Mutamba is a multi-disciplinary artist, community learning facilitator, speaker, researcher and PhD student at the University of Toronto. He is a musician, dancer and storyteller. His music is centered around Mbira, an instrument that has been played in Zimbabwe for hundreds of years. Mbira's dream sound is played in syncopated rhythmic patterns for fun secular occasions, as well as for spiritual ceremonies and rituals. Mbira music is trance inducing, lending itself to ...

Moyo Rainos Mutamba

Jake Roberts (more)

Jake Roberts first started playing marimba fifteen years ago in a class at Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center. Several years later, Jake and his classmates founded Hokoyo Marimba, which has performed in Oregon and elsewhere since 2006. In 2007 Hokoyo released its first album, Chipembere, and in 2010 they released a second, Hokoyo Live. Jake has also studied mbira with Cosmas Magaya, Ambuya Beauler Dyoko, and Musekiwa Chingodza, and has taught classes at Kutsinhira for several ...

Jake Roberts

Sheree Seretse (more)

Seretse began he involvement in Zimbabwean Music and Dance in 1970 under the direction of Dumisani Maraire. She has expanded her studies with other noted musicians and dancers including Lora Chiorah, Ephat Mujuru, Tendai Muparutsa, Sheasby Matiure, Michael Sibanda, Wiri Chigonga and many other guest Zimbabwean artists. Seretse is the director of three prominent Marimba ensembles-Anzanga, Shumba and Zambuko as well as a member of Mahonyera Mbira Ensemble. Sheree has augmented her studies by majoring ...

Sheree Seretse

Michael Sibanda (more)

Michael Sibanda is a world-touring African marimba composer, arranger, performer and music educator based at St Stithians College in Johannesburg, South Africa. He holds a Music teaching diploma from Kwanongoma College of Music, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and a Masters Degree (Music Education) from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Michael is currently the Director of the Maru a Pula Marimba Band having taken over from his mentor the late Dr Alport Mhlanga. Michael has more than ...

Michael Sibanda

Martha Thom (more)

Martha Thom is an impeccably skilled traditional dancer, hosho player, and singer. Her energy and skill are hard to match. She began performing in her primary level of school and continued to dance in school performing groups through 1992, when she joined Shingayi Traditional Dance Group in Harare. Martha has taught student groups and private lessons at the College of Music. She joined Chiwoniso and Vibe Culture in 2003 and toured Zimbabwe, South Africa, and ...

Martha Thom

Wanda Walker (more)

Wanda Walker has taught marimba at Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center in Eugene, Oregon, since 1999 and privately since 2002. She performs with Kutsinhira marimba ensembles Jenaguru and Zambuko, as well as Mudzidzi mbira group. Wanda has studied mbira, singing, dance, drum and marimba with many Zimbabwean musicians, including Cosmas Magaya, Musekiwa Chingodza, Ambuya Beauler Dyoko, Chartwell Dutiro, Sheasby Matiure, Patience Chaitezvi, Irene Chigamba and Paul Mataruse. Wanda has arranged several traditional mbira songs for marimba ...

Wanda Walker

Mandy Walker-LaFollette (more)

Mandy Walker-LaFollette was introduced to Zimbabwean music as a toddler when her parents began taking classes at Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center in Eugene, Oregon. She soon intermittently played marimba, began seriously studying mbira in 1998 and marimba in 2000. Her teachers include Musekiwa Chingodza, Cosmas Magaya, Ambuya Beauler Dyoko, and Sheasby Matiure. She performs with Hokoyo, Jenaguru, Zambuko and Baba Marimba. Mandy has arranged and co-arranged several mbira songs for marimba, including Nyuchi, Mukatiende, Unozofa ...

Mandy Walker-LaFollette