Zimfest 2013

June 27-30 — Pacific Lutheran University — Tacoma, WA

Zimfest 2013 Marketplace

The Marketplace and Day Stage area is centrally located in a beautiful setting Marketplace location at PLUcalled the Admin Lawn, a large grassy area ringed by large mature fir trees between the Hauge Administration Building and Xavier Hall. It is very close to all festival events (registration, dining, workshops, housing and concerts).


Come visit the Zimfest 2013 Marketplace and explore the wonderful assortment of African art, clothing, crafts, musical instruments, CDs, and DVDs that are available for purchase. Relax on the broad grassy lawn or under the majestic Douglas fir trees and enjoy the music from the afternoon stage as you shop for special treasures. The Marketplace also provides an opportunity to learn about and support the non-profit organizations that are working with the people of Zimbabwe. Your purchases from these non-profits will benefit many lives in Zimbabwe.


Marketplace Hours

The marketplace will be open from 10 AM to 6 PM on Friday, June 28, and Saturday, June 29. On Sunday, June 30, the hours are 12 PM to 6 PM.


Marketplace vendors include:


Ancient Ways sells exquisitely hand-carved serpentine sculpture, children's toys, textiles, and jewelry, all crafted by the villagers whom we assist in rural Zimbabwe. We also have collaborative fundraising CDs and t-shirts. We share information about how people here can join with us and our partners to support health, education, building wells, etc., and offering microloans. Contact info: www.ancient-ways.org.


Dedicated to the music and people of Zimbabwe, Kutsinhira sells CDs by Zimbabwe musicians, t-shirts from our organization, and African clothing. We also display information about our school and about our philanthropic efforts in Zimbabwe. Contact info: www.kutsinhira.org.


Mambokadzi Distributors is a non-profit organization based in Tacoma, WA. It was created in response to the economic crisis in Zimbabwe with the goal to implement various projects to support vulnerable communities to manage the resulting challenges. We sell fabrics, sculptures, jewelry, wooden ornaments, handmade cell phone accessories, and herbal aromatherapy heating packs, all from Zimbabwe and surrounding countries. Contact info: mambokadzi@msn.com.


Craig LaFollette will sell marimba mallets, marimbas, and hosho that he has been creating for the Zimbabwean music community since 1999. Contact info: www.marimbaworks.com.


Matanho Project seeks to improve the lives of Zimbabwean musicians and their communities. We will be selling clothing, mbiras, dezes, hand crafted art, and other items chosen by the musicians traveling to the United States, including jewelry, accessories, and their music CDs. Contact info: roskog@gmail.com.


The non-profit MBIRA celebrates and helps to sustain the ancient musical traditions of Zimbabwe. MBIRA supports Zimbabwean musicians and instrument makers through worldwide Zimbabwean music education as well as sales of instruments and recordings. At the MBIRA Zimfest market table you will find mbiras and other items from Zimbabwe, CDs of 235 Zimbabwean musicians, and instructional DVDs. Contact info: www.mbira.org.

MyLinda King Hosho and Fredtronics

We sell hosho, deze, marimba music books, hota, marimba buttons, mallets, and DVDs on how to build your own marimbas. Contact info: home.teleport.com/~marimba/fredtron.htm.

Naira and Kobo (Mary Onyima)

I will be selling baskets, fabrics, clothes, sarongs, jewelry, batiks, and parasols. My mission is to encourage African women in nurturing their skills and becoming a productive part of the community as well as to support Nigerian women who have cancer. Contact info: augusaijay@yahoo.com

Sacred Path Explorations, LLC

We will be selling our full-length documentary DVD "Soul Resonance" about the cross-cultural celebration of Zimbabwean music. Contact info: www.sacredpathexplorations.com.


We sell greeting cards, Chico bags with the Tariro logo, and framed panels embroidered by Tariro graduates. We also have brochures and photos that provide information about our non-profit. Contact info: www.tariro.org.

Zimbabwe Artists Project

Our mission is to partner with Weya artists in strengthening self-sufficiency, cultural understanding, and education. We will be selling colorful handmade board paintings, fabric paintings, embroideries, and appliqués by artists in Eastern Zimbabwe. ZAP merchandise is also available, including a storybook of a Zimbabwean folk tale, greeting cards, and more. Contact info: www.zimbabweartistsproject.org


We will be selling artwork and hand-sewn bags made by women artisans in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Our goal as an organization is to create sustainable opportunities and provide a creative environment for development that will ultimately improve the quality of the artisans' lives by enabling them to overcome extreme poverty. Contact info: www.zimbags.com.

Contact Information

Simme Bobrosky
Zimfest 2013 Marketplace Coordinator