Zimfest 2013

June 27-30 — Pacific Lutheran University — Tacoma, WA

Festival Events

Beyond workshops and concerts, there are many other Festival Events going on. Here is a partial list:

Thursday Prefest

Start your festival a day earlier and take advantage of the opportunity to schedule group or private lessons with your favorite Zimfest teacher. A number of teachers have offered to teach private lessons or group workshops at Prefest on June 27, 2013. The following teachers from Zimbabwe, Canada and the United Kingdom are available: Cosmas Magaya, Kurai Mubaiwa, Evelyn Mukwedeya, Lucky Moyo, Patience Musandirire, and Moyo Rainos Mutamba

These teachers from the U.S. are available: Ric Alviso, Erica Azim, Jaiaen Beck, Nathan Beck, Jeff Brahe, Austin Fracchia, Jesse Garcia, Kite Giedraitis, Matthew Jenkins, Claire Jones, MyLinda King, Joel Laviolette, Daniel Lockley, Paul Mataruse, Jake Roberst, Sheree Seretse, and Wanda Walker.

If you or your group would like to schedule a Prefest workshop, contact us at teachers@zimfest.org and we will put you in touch with the teacher(s).

Please note that you and your group are responsible for negotiating the workshop cost, time and payment with your teacher. Zimfest will provide workshop space, including marimbas if needed. We strongly suggest that you and your group schedule your Prefest workshops well in advance (six weeks recommended) to give Zimfest and the teachers enough time to plan for your personalized workshop. Also, please do not schedule any workshops before 9:00 AM on Prefest day; all workshops must be completed by 4:00 PM that day.

Opening Ceremony

The Thursday Evening Concert and Opening Ceremony will be opening the festival with a bang again this year!

Join us at the Zimfest Marketplace Stage on Thursday, June 27 at 7:30 PM for a free event celebrating the official beginning of the festival. Meet our Zimbabwean guests and mingle with friends old and new. Bring your dancing shoes!

Community Time/Village Meeting

Zimfest is more than a yearly event; we are a living and growing community of music-lovers from around the world!

The Zimfest Association has set aside a special time on Sunday morning June 30 (9:30 AM–11:30 AM) for all of us to gather and consider together topics that are vital to our community. We refer to this time as the Zimfest Village Meeting.

The Village Meeting will include opportunities for cultural exchange, including a panel of Zimbabwean guests. This is also the time for our annual public Zimfest Association "business" meeting, which will include information and discussions about future Zimfest hosts, a report on Zimfest donations to charitable organizations working in Zimbabwe, and a report back about our membership organization. Each year we plan for future Zimfests, including identifying the annual organizing committees. If you are interested in even considering the possibility of joining the fun and excitement of helping organize an annual Zimfest, please don’t wait to contact the Zimfest Association board at board@zimfest.org for more information.

The Village Meeting will be conveniently located in the Chris Knutzen Hall in the University Center so that participants can join it easily after breakfast, and continue on to lunch right after the meeting. Our hope is that smaller group discussions during lunch will carry forward some of the topics covered during the meeting itself.

The Zimfest 2013 Organizing Committee and Zimfest Association Board of Directors cordially invite all Zimfest participants to join us for this meeting.

Mbira Gathering

The late night mbira gathering is a long tradition and a time for Zimbabweans and other experienced musicians to share a rich tradition with the rest of us. In past years, concerns were raised about the mbira gathering as it was realized that not everyone had the same understanding and expectations. Ideas were generated about how best to both maintain the tradition and uphold the intended spirit of the event.

The mbira gathering is a time to watch, to listen, to dance, as the masters of their craft share this rich tradition with us. We ask that you not use this time for experimenting with a newly learned song or hosho patterns.

While none of us like rules, we have determined that we needed to develop some guidelines that will make the experience of the late night parties more enjoyable and traditional for everyone. This year's gathering will be in the first floor lounge of Stuen Hall. The following guidelines will be posted at the entrance to the lounge. Please be respectful of this wonderful and rich experience so we can all enjoy ourselves into the early morning hours.

As a reminder we encourage you to bring food, snacks and beverages to share but please remember: no alcoholic containers are allowed in lounge; personal drink containers are okay.

Thank you so much for your support in making this year's mbira gathering a rich and fulfilling experience for all!

Late Night Mbira Gathering Guidelines

1. This is not a practice session or time for experimenting; experienced mbira players only.

2. No more than three experienced hosho players at a time. Please be respectful and let other experienced players have a turn.

3. No drumming. The drums overwhelm the gentle melodies of the mbira.

4. No electric instruments.

5. No alcohol containers of any type are allowed in the lounge. Personal drink bottles are allowed.

6. We encourage groups of beginners and intermediate players to gather in nearby locations.

7. Keep conversations and partying away from the mbira playing. The singers, dancers and players appreciate this.

8. This is a ceremonial time. Above all else, please be respectful.